Time Travel is possible


Time travel is possible. We are constantly travelling through time and from the beginning from the moment of conception it is fraught with stress. Stress is there from the start. From conception onward we are challenged by stress. We must grow and develop, our cells must duplicate and multiply so that we grow from nothing into a fully formed human being in as little as 9 months. And it’s not over then for we have to endure the pressure Labour, been forced down the birth canal, our little newly formed hearts beating at a million miles an hour. We are brought kicking and screaming into this world only then for some doctor to smack us hard across the rear as if to welcome us into the ‘real world’.
From day one we integrate those experiences and all subsequent events in our life and we continue to grow and develop as human beings. We always come up against stress and if we deal with it successfully it never becomes a problem and we evolve.
But what if an event is not successfully dealt with an event in childhood that you were unable to successfully deal with?
Say for example when a teacher brought you up to the blackboard and humiliated you in from of the whole class. Ridiculed you, made fun of you, belittled you and there was nothing you could have done about the situation. That experience changed you forever?.
You will go on to become extra sensitive about similar situations. You become a little phobic about it.
Now fast forward 10-20 or 30 years and you find yourself in employment, an office, a factory, a building site. You have a boss, a line manager who pushes you around, has no regard nor respect for you. Your mind will say that this Authoritarian figure is the same as that teacher who humiliated you. It will put them in the same Category. They are able to bully you, humiliate you. And he or she is able to do that because you allow them to do so. This is the way it always turns out. This is the way it’s supposed to turn out because that’s the way it did turn out the first time.
So you continue to be stressed when that happens, stressed after the event, stressed in the anticipation of it happening again soon.


But what if you could get a Time Machine and go right back in time back through the years and change the original event? Would that be something that would be worth doing for you?
Well you can.
In Hypnotherapy you can be hypnotised to re experience the event. You can go back to the original event and change it. You can be back in the classroom, smell the stale air, feel the fear, sweaty palms, the anticipation of it all. You can re experience it all again rather like a dream. Because when you experience a dream the dream is Real. While you are in a dream it is real. As far as your subconscious mind is concerned it is actually happening.
Let me talk for a moment about memory. Memory is not an exact thing. For example two children growing up in the same household might experience the same event but have very different memories of it. Each remembers it from their own perspective. Memory can also be exaggerated. Which is why the guy who caught a fish 20 years ago it was so big now when he tells the story it has Metamorphosis into a giant monster.


So memory is not necessarily 100% accurate all of the time. Which is great because it means that it can be changed.
Back now to the classroom. Standing at the blackboard humiliated in front of the whole class. Teacher making snide remarks some of the other kids laughing at you. Now imagine that you pause this event. Pause it like you would a video or DVD. Everything stops but suddenly the class room door bursts open and you as an adult walk in. You are now bigger, stronger and wiser than that teacher who humiliated you all those years ago. Now what do you do to sort this out? What action do you take? What do you do?
Time Travel is possible, Paul Gill – HypnotherapistNow when I have done this with clients over the years some have verbally given out to the teacher others humiliated the teacher, others still battered the teacher around the classroom. I allow them to do whatever it takes using whatever language they need to use to get this out of their systems and to finally sort it. When they come through this, it is as if they have done it for real and it is real as far as their subconscious is concerned, it actually happened. They feel better about themselves and are now able to stand up for themselves. Highly humiliating events or bullyIng are no longer an issue for them.This new attitude to self is now transplanted into the workplace where suddenly now the boss or manager senses something different and instinctively knows not to bully them. It’s as if they now have a new aura of confidence.
They have actually travelled back into their past and changed something so now the whole present is different and guess what the future is too.
I’m Paul Gill, talk to you soon.