Most people if they are honest have suffered with anxiety at some stage in their life. In truth we all live with anxiety. It is actually an essential way to feel because anxiety tells us that we have something to worry about, something that we need to be aware of that could be potentially harmful to our wellbeing. Anxiety is useful when it gives us important information but it is bad when it becomes debilitating.

Ball of Anxiety

People who have suffered with anxiousness have inadvertently trained themselves to respond with a sense of powerlessness. They can be overwhelmed with worry from time to time or indeed live with the constant  ball of anxiety in the pit of their stomach. Asked why they are anxious they may not know. Anxiety leads to a paralysis of the mind. Every day tasks become undoable. Often the person will simply withdraw and stay in bed.

The part of the mind that is responding to the world and to life, that is causing this anxiety is the Subconscious mind. The subconscious is not a logical mind. This is why no matter how much the reassurance from others that things are going to be ok, the anxiety persists. The subconscious is highly emotional and intuitive. It is constantly on alert for situations to worry about. Indeed its primary function is to keep you safe. It doesn’t go to sleep like the conscious mind does and can sometimes be the cause of sleepless nights.

Another important feature of the subconscious is that it stores away all of your memories. Not only does it file away factually what happened, it also retains the emotional outcome of that memory. Memories that have strong emotional value tend to exert influence over the way that you feel years and even decades after the event has past. Negative memories weight more heavily than positive ones.


This is where Hypnosis comes in. As a Hypnotherapist I guide you into a state of trance. Hypnosis is not sleep but a focus of awareness at a deep subconscious level. New insights can be gained into past experiences. This is very important because while you cannot change your past, you can certainly change how you feel about it.

Help with Anxiety

The subconscious is coincidentally the part of the mind that heals. It runs the Immune System so it directs healing on a physical level but more importantly it heals on a psychological level. Anxiety exists in the mind and manifests in the body with symptoms such as shaking, bowel issues, sweaty palms, rapid heart beat, and dry or itchy skin among others. 

Longterm anxiety suffers sometimes have been coping with their problems with the help of medication. But drugs alone will never resolve the anxiety. The good news is that anxiety is there for a reason, whether that reason is known or unknown. Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool in helping to relieve anxiety symptoms and also teaches you how to resolve your issues.

I’m based in Athlone Co Westmeath but with the ongoing pandemic I have been seeing clients more and more online via Zoom. While face to face sessions are preferable I have had plenty of success helping people online.

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