Ann could not believe
how fast
she lost weight.

For years she had struggled with diets with only temporary success.

While she could be disciplined initially, after only a few weeks she would regress to her former eating habits.

But through hypnosis she realized the emotional reasons

she was feeding, and having dealt with these issues in a few short sessions she is now feeding her emotions in the proper way and not with food. At last Ann has found a permanent way to control her weight.

If you have tried to lose weight
And found it too difficult, or lost weight only to put it back on, chances are that it is your mind that’s sabotaging you.

Let me help you get your mind on-board to work for you rather than against you.

To keep weight off you need a lifestyle change. That means changing your patterns of behavior and it also means changing your thoughts. How does the food get inside you? You eat it, you decide. Nobody else opens your mouth and shoves in food. It s not like air where you open your mouth and it all just gushes in. No, you decide to put the food into your mouth. So you make that decision whether it is at a conscious or a subconscious level you make that decision. You can make different ones. Now people say,

“I was doing it subconsciously; I didn’t know I was doing it!”

Paul Gill – Hypnosis for weight loss, Paul Gill - Hypnotherapist
Well take responsibility for that choice,

No-one else made it! You did!

We seldom eat to punish ourselves. We don’t say to a child

“You’ve been very bold go stand in the corner and eat a pastry or a box of chocolates!”

You eat to comfort yourself! You are feeding some need, not a physical one, an emotional one.

The body doesn’t really care what you fill it with; it just converts everything to nutrients, burns them and stores what it doesn’t burn.

Gillian McKeith says, “You are what you eat”.

I say “You are what you THINK”.

Take the first steps to losing your unwanted weight and contact me today.