feeling anxious?
There is always a reason for an anxiety
Anxiety is something that underpins many conditions that people suffer with.


At a fundamental level it is something that must be understood in order for it to be resolved.
The only way to relieve the anxiety is to find the root cause of it

While consciously this reason might be known, usually the person presents to their GP with a general feeling of anxiety.

Many GPs will then prescribe anti-depressants or sedatives to deal with the problem. Medication has its place. It helps a person to continue to function, to manage their issues. But it is important to engage in therapy to help resolve the underlying issues.

Paul GIll – Help with anxiety, Paul Gill - Hypnotherapist
Panic Attacks

You may have witnessed someone having a panic attack, but for the person who experiences such attacks it can be very emotionally upsetting. During these episodes the mind can lose control over simple bodily functions like breathing and general coherence.

The Subconscious

Imagine your subconscious mind as a vast reference library of all your experiences, with a librarian there ever-ready to find you a reference to anything in this library. For example if I were to say to you “what are paper party plates?”

Straight away your mind whips out a reference for paper party plates. You might remember where you saw one last or one that you saw last Christmas or something else. Now a moment ago you weren’t thinking of paper party plates.

They weren’t in your conscious awareness. Now your mind has found a reference for them and the more you think of them the more references it will add and even begin to link and connect those references to other things.