It’s All in your Head Weightloss Book

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It’s All in your Head Weightloss Book


Paul is an author and a fully qualified Hypnotherapist as well as being a Life/Business Coach. He appears regularly on radio and television.

eBook showing how you can lose weight by harnessing the Subconscious mind so that you "don't want" to eat those foods that have caused you to be over weight.


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eBook that shows you how to lose weight by recruiting the power of your mind. The Conscious logical part of your mind wants to lose weight but the Subconscious emotional part wants to eat. This eBook shows you how to utilise both your Conscious and your Subconscious, getting them to work together so that you can be 100% committed to losing weight.

Learn how the Subconscious works and how you can get it to work ‘for’ you instead of against you.

Use this eBook in conjunction with the Weightloss audios on this site.